Who are we?

QuantumX Competitions is a student company made by 4 classmates and currently is a part of Junior Achievement Latvia Student Company project. ​

Some owners and other important people You should know about


The creator and co-owner of QX, Skym has been around the block for some time, previously owning The Friendly League. He shares a passion for esports and desire to succeed as an event organiser. You can find Skym on our Discord server almost every day as well as on our social media pages.
StepY is mostly in charge of the in-game stuff. He has got a huge experience in CS:GO tactics and gameplay as well as years of programming as a hobby. He will also be in charge of the RL tournaments.

Edza is the photo editor of QX and one of the casters. 

Currently the only one in the admin team who's not from Latvia, Zembrow was one of the main guys in The Friendly League as well. 
Kriko is the main video editor and also a photo editor of QX.
Also the creator of QX logo.
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